Atremorine's standards

With its unique blend of ingredients of natural origin and meticulous manufacturing process, Atremorine sets the bar high for what a food supplement should be. Let’s dive into the world of Atremorine and its quality standards, and see how our powder can benefit your well-being.


L-dopa normalized to 21.5mg/g

Nature has provided us with many benefits, but one of the criticisms we often hear about natural food supplements is the variable concentration of active ingredients, such as L-dopa, which can differ from batch to batch. This lack of consistency makes it almost impossible to measure the dosage, which is a big problem for people who need an accurate dosage.

At Atremorine, we have solved this problem by normalizing our production batches to 21.5 mg/g of L-dopa, which ensures consistent concentrations with each dose. During the manufacturing process, we blend the powder from several batches to achieve a uniform and standardized L-dopa content, which is then rigorously evaluated in the laboratory for confirmation. And that’s not all! We also include a reliable measuring spoon in each package, allowing you to measure the standardised product accurately.


Say goodbye to the uncertainty and inconsistency of natural food supplements, and trust Atremorine for a reliable, worry-free experience.

"A complex extraction process to preserve the nutrients in Vicia faba "

Did you know that Atremorine® is not made from the typical beans you eat, but from specific structural parts of the Vicia Faba plant? These structural parts actually contain a much higher level of L-dopa than the beans. Also, unlike beans, they have extremely low levels of vicin and convicine.

But how do you extract the active ingredients from these structural parts without damaging them? That’s where our complex, gentle and slow biotechnological extraction process comes in. This innovative process preserves not only L-dopa, but also other trace elements that are beneficial to your well-being.

With Atremorine®, you are getting an effective and safe form of L-dopa.


Atremorine is clinically tested


Did you know that most food supplements on the market today are not required to pass pre-clinical or clinical testing before being sold to consumers?

At Atremorine, we don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to ensuring the quality and efficacy of our product. That’s why we strongly believe that clinical trials are an essential step in proving the effectiveness of our food supplement. We are not satisfied with favorable scientific literature, we wanted to put Atremorine to the test. With the help of a world-renowned scientific team, we conducted pre-clinical and clinical studies with impressive results.

Not only was Atremorine effective, but it was also incredibly safe as all study participants tolerated it without any problems. We are delighted to offer a food supplement that has been rigorously tested and proven to be effective, ensuring the best possible results.

The communication of study results for food supplements is highly regulated and can only be addressed to health professionals. However, you can find the studies by searching the word ‘Atremorine’ on google scholars for example.